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The World's largest one-make sidecar club!


The Hedingham Sidecar Owner's Club

About Us

The Hedingham Sidecsar Owners' Club (HSOC) was founded in 1982 and several of the original founding members are still amongst our ranks. We believe that we are the World's largest one-make sidecar club. We are based in the UK although we do have several overseas members. Whilst we have no affiliation to the manufacturers of Hedingham Sidecars (neither Unit Sidecars nor Hedingham Sidecars) we have always had good relationships with them.

Hedingham Sidecars is now owned and operated out of Dorset UK by Adrian Robberts who is a club member and can be contacted by email on or via facebook by searching for Hedingham Sidecars.

The club runs several rallies and other events throughout the year, predominantly in different areas of the UK. There is also an annual rally in Germany. These fixtures are invariably informal, friendly affairs and we are adding and changing them each year. We also attend events organised by other clubs both in this country and abroad. We are affiliated to the BMF, NABD and the FoSC and as such we are regularly invited to events listed in their calendars.

We publish a club newsletter at least four times a year (often more) which keeps the membership informed of what is going on and of forthcoming events. It usually also contains some serious, some factual and occasionally some humorous articles from the membership concerning all sorts of topics related to sidecarring to varying degrees.

Club membership runs for each calendar year and is open to anyone who owns, has owned or has a genuine interest in any sidecar matters. This year's subscription rates are £20 per person or £25 for joint membership (whereby both members have voting rights).

Should you wish to join then please download and complete the application form found below and post it to the Membership Secretary at the address given togther with the appropriate fee. Alternatively, if you simply want more details about the club then please don’t hesitate to drop the Membership Secretary or any of the committee members an email, they will be only too pleased to help if they can.



2022 Membership Application / Renewal Form
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